April 25, 2009


i hate when people think i've grown up in this perfect little world.
truth is..i haven't. i just don't let me past experiences effect the way i live my life.
my parents divorced when i was four, and he met another women like a couple of months later (my current step mom *that i do like*) i thought i was past the "why'd he have to leave, it hurts" part, but i guess i'm not.
it does hurt when i talk about it. i don't even know why.
we don't have all the money in the world eiteher (but who does now a day's with the damn economy & what not) my family has had financial issues since i was born.
i've struggled so much through my life so don't i assume i've grown up in a "perfect world" & i don't know what a hard life is, becuuz i do.
don't compare your problems to anyone else either. their issues may seeem small to you, but to them it may be huge. everyone's problems are equally tough, no matter how small someone might think it is.
everyone has problems so don't act like your the only one