April 19, 2009

mumber one;

hello world. this is the first official blog of barbara june isaac.
credits: jackie kong for introducing me to blogspot.

bird's chirping=annoying sound
its like 11:50 am. i'm want lunchh grrr.
so my transfer to cenntenial should be goood;
i hope. the whole reason i'm going over there is to get away from boring, crummy, people
who don't even know how to say hi -_-
& to have more time on my hands. running occupies ALOT of my time.
but i love it all the same. i'll miss my team of course, but i just don't know how i could go
a whole other year a corona high.
*that may be a little over dramatic, but whatever*

oh carissa, how i'll miss yah(: same goes for kayley, and brad, and bobby, etc.
okkay, this may be draggin' on a bit, sorry kiddo's.
current life status: better <3