May 18, 2009

alyssa rene borden;

she is one of my very best friends♥ i'm gonna miss her so much when she goes off to college this year ): but naturally were still gonna hang & talk i mean, c'mon..its us [: and if she's reading this she's prolly smiling at that last comment! tehehe right now were just chilling in the grass at lame corona high(:
we've been doing this since like the beginning og 6th! pretty sweet huh?

*so, i've realized how much i dislike big flirts. new flash you guys: it hurts*
not saying that it's happened to me recently but i was just thinking about the other day & it really irritates me how some guys can just flirt with evryone & think it leaves no effect on the girl they're flirting with. just putting that out there for yah.