May 03, 2009

i need to learn to let go, stop over thinking things that don't need to be over thought. today feels good, i feel good, so i think i'm getting over that. i just needed to realize & accept what i was doing..& i think i did. i feel better, i just hope it lasts. i'm not gonna let a boy or something like that get me down. if something happens & i can't do anything to change it then oh well. all i could do is hope for the best. i'm just scared of it happpening again. but i'm pretty sure that it wont. well not anytime sooon that is. i just need to NOT THINK ABOUT IT. you prolly don't know what i'm talking about but its okay, you don't need to knoww(:
*sorry if that came off as meean..i didn't mean for it tooo!*
i love you world<3
i love you God.