July 20, 2009

lets see.

well, i was baptized on wednsday:)
actually alot of people did, 30k//30days. Thirty acts of love in thirty days. its a beautiful thing actaully. Doesnt matter if your christian or not.
its so complicated though. i was catholic & now i'm..christian. i still have to get use to the idea. i mean i was catholic ALL MY LIFE till last wedndsay. i feel..bad kidna. like i betrayed my religon & my mom too. blehh, God will help♥
i don't feel that bad thouggh. it was meant to happen. i asked God to call on me that night, show me something that would just break me & guess what? he did.

side note: respect your parents. let them know how much you love them.
if your dad or mom does everything for you. everything thing she or he could do to make you happy & your friends happy *buyying them foood, drinks, movie tickets* then at least love him. He or she deserves that much.
its hard to witness something like that first hand. he treats her & us to food, starbucks, movies, everything.! & what does he get in return "psh i don't love him!" <--daughter
seriously, C'mon on. he's trying so hard but all you do is push him away.
i dunno, i just feel bad because he is a freakin' fantastic father. thats all i'm sayin.