August 21, 2009

simpler times?

hmm, remember the good 'ol days? playing in the park with some girl or boy that you have no memory of yet you two we're the best of friends that fine afternoon. or eating icecream by the curb with your sister or brother. not worrying about boys, or school, or the common struggles in the teenage life. goodtimes
you know, the world is a playground. & somewhere along our way to adulthood..we forget that.
things we're so simple when i was five or even ten. i was friends with that random kid at the park, & now i feel..alone? whats that all about, huh? Lonliness. no one should EVER have to put through such a state of hardship. 'Your not alone, hun. you have us' well, then why do i feel like like i have no one to talk to. To share my faults with or someone to get excited with me.? I know i do. i'm sure this is just a phase..darn phases. but it all just hit me wednsday. all of it, at once. but what hurts is the person or people i need to talk to the most..aren't there. they're just not. Either they haven't called. or they've just..changed. they're not capable of listening through it all and actually feeling remorse. or trying to assist me. HA i don't even know how i ended up talking about lonlieness when i started out at a no worry life as a child :P I don't feel like that as much. I got my chance to talk it all out and have some one actually listen for once instead of soemone telling me to shutup. i feel better. & who do i have to thank for that?