September 20, 2009


I haven't blogged in quite a while.
Update: Over all things have been going very well. School wise. Friend wise. & now boy wise! I just recently found out some information that makes me very happy :) but to soon to release any details. Jackie thinks I get excited to easily. & perhaps I do, but i find it makes life more enjoyable. Rather than containing all your emotions in a box, show them to the world. Express them for yourself. Laughing. Squealing. Its a part of my life. & look; things couldn't (well the could but no biggie) be better! You see, I do get excited over little things but I know how to not let it hurt me in the long run if whatever i got excited over dissapoints me. I can back down as easily as i got up. I just choose not too. Keep moving forward. What happens happens. & what happened happened. Right?
I'm just happy with how God is using my life & everything that He's doing in it. Its wonderful to be back.

I got a hair cut. & I actually don't hate this one, haha. I'm changing my outlook on life & myself. Trying to let go of all my inabitions. My fears. Its hard, & I know for a fact I haven't had much success..yet that is. Its a workin' progress alright. People can't really help in that area of my life though. I tend not to listen to anyone. Very VERY stubborn person here. but i'm workin' on that as well..kinda. I'm just looking up and looking forward.
Special thanks: GOD