February 16, 2010

Hi There.

So, this is my first blog of 2010. & hopefully, many more follow. I've somehow failed to conjure up the willingness to even get on the computer and type, but I want my thoughts and opinions to be out in the open! I think its time I took my place in the world. Make a change. Even if its just a little. Either change it with my actions or simply with these words. Change one person's life, or a million lives. As long as I was able to make the process call life more enjoyable and unforgettable for anyone before we leave to our rightful home. Thats my dream. Your prolly thinking "Gee, such big aspirations for such a young girl." Well yes, I am young, but i'm not gonna let something as small as age or maturity levels hinder my determination to continuing my expedition to--where ever it is i'm going or what ever it is i'm doing.

Slowly but surely, people will begin to see things in a more postitve light. Things will begin to mold together & fall into place. As long as you will it to, of course.
You know why all that will happen? Cause I have faith. Some people should start obtaining a little more of that. Yes.

you choose.