February 17, 2010


Things aren't always what they appear to be. It could be that brand new commercial about "the best cup of coffee in town" right down to the peeople or friendships you thought and possible even knew to be 'trustworthy'.

Friend; (n):
-A person who gives assistance when needed.
-Someone you can trust
-Someone to share your laughs with, your feelings with, your secrets with.

You that's all fine and dandy..as long as it goes both ways.
just sayin'.
*I'm sorry If whatever I say doesn't make sense.*

Moving on. I just, all of a sudden, had a mood change. My thoughts shifted.
Slightly though, so were still on topic.
I miss you. I miss our friendship. I miss how, with out knowing or even trying, you got me. There was a certain flow to us, you know. It just fit. Well..in my opinion. Something happened though. We don't speak as often.
I wish I could just talk to you. & I wish I could just talk to someone about you with sounding cliche. You were bold. Courageous. Funloving. Carefree. & you were myfriend. There was no pretending. I felt completely comfortable when I was around you. Thats something that was sort of a shock to me too but I loved that the most. They way you thought. They way your mind worked fasinated me. & still does. So deep, so just..interesting, I guess. But things are different now.

Moral of the story kids: Things change & people aren't always who they say they are to you. Trust is a hard thing to come by. & when you've got it don't betray it.

You prolly think you know who i'm talking about but your prolly way off.