February 21, 2010


But I insist on filling in about today.

So, I finally hung out with Gabby Leveratto. An old bestfrann' from back in the day. (middle school, I'm uber glad we still keep in touch) We attended the sunday service at church & from there took off to enjoy a splendid meal over at TJI Fridays. We caught each other up on our lives & filled each other in about the lastest new about boys, school, famliy. All the usually stuff you know. It was so nice to see her again, & hopefully we get the chance to do that again. Soon.
After that, I came home & watch ZOMBIELAND. Great movie btw. Then, I made an attempt at starting all the homework that had accumulate over the weekend. I hadn't started any of it.
-Stop procrastinating.
& to my surprise I finished most of it! 1 point for me :)
Finally, concluding my day, I had a semi conversation about God with Christina. She went to her youth group thing today & was so moved by Him. I'm going to go to church with her one day and it'll be amazing.

Currently feeling content with the way things are. I really have no reason to complain about where God is taking me right now. But then again, when should I ever complain about what He chooses to do with my life. Its all in his plan for me right?
The Lord knows what I need right now & he'll guide me to that if its suppose to be.
So, with AAALLLL that said, goodnight c: