February 27, 2010

Mind Boggling;

Perplexing even. Inexplicably unfathomable.
Oh, relationships & love..that is. I simply cannot wrap my mind around it. People want it all the time yet it hurts like hell. They take the biggest risks to get it. Take the longest jumps even if it means they're going to fall. How many times can one person fall though?
How many times can one person search and find then fail? Search..and find..then fail.

& then there are those who are seen as "just a friend" in all the eye's of those who you see as more but your to scared to make a move. To scared you'll come off as "obvious" then they end up not feeling the same. Its hard, you know?

I hope that I find somethin' like that. You know..like they have in the movies?
A knocks-the-socks-of-my-feet kinda love.
If you take me on a date to ikeaa & have fun with me, then that'd be just..the best thing.