October 02, 2012


Guess what, I'm in college! I know right, I've super grown up from the girl who was posting in this blog two years ago. THIS IS CRAZY. I found this blog a couple of days ago and I thought I might want to keep going. Update were I've been lately. I was using tumble for a while (barbarajune.tumblr.com) but I kind of prefer this because I can play with the fonts and Colors which is pretty awesome. And here I can express my feelings without worrying that anyone I know will actually read this. There are no followers like on tumblr and that is also awesome. 

Lets see, well I am a freshman Vanguard University. I live on the fourth floor along with Jackie Kong, Aminee Hector, Stephanie Mata, Lauren Bostic, and my roommates names are Valentina Cueto and Melanie Parker. I dyed (ombree'd) my hair pink and purple; I'll post a picture later. I ended up transfering to JFKMCHS my junior year instead of Cenntenial which was the best decision ever because I looooved it there. I don't have a boy friend but I am interested in someone here who is a sophomore and is very cute. My relationship with the Lord has significantly evovled and grown over the past two years which is amazing and seeing my old posts is really funny to me. I love my little sister Maya, she is so great and funny. She has grown up a bit and I don't think I've yet to mention her in this blog. Im suppose to be reading Aristotle and analyzing him but I'm not.
I will start posting more often though. It might be really good for me.

til next time!