October 02, 2012


SEE, I dyed it! It looks better right now because you can actually tell that there is purple at the bottom (whereas this picture you can't really tell that much.)

I'm in the library, and I'm suppose to be studying but instead I'm listening to music. I can probably do both at the same time but I'm giving myself til 4 start. Its 3:43 pm right now. So I haven't really seen that boy that I mentioned around and I'm trying not to think about it because really...I don't even know him. Its so ridiculous but he truly is adorable and cute and stuff. I've been praying that my mind isn't consumed with it. How funny that somethings don't change...still thinking about a boy. But I don't need one haha I just so happen to be posting when this part of my life is occurring.  I'm totally okay with not having a boy in my life.  In fact, I want to marry the next boy that I date...well preferably and I am NOT ready for that at all yet. So friends is completely fine by me.  I love college so far. I just need to keep myself immersed in my studies and not get distracted easily by boys and friends and things of that nature.