October 08, 2012


Men, can you believe it! I'm old enough to say MEN suck not boys..because I'm in college now haha. Well the purpose of this post isn't to say boys suck.  There is this one guy that goes here to my school who shall remain nameless on account of I don't even really know much about him. I met him once but Im not entirely sure if he remembers me.  Well anyway, that doesn't matter. What matters is that I want to give it to the Lord. I've told Him countless times to take it out of my hands and I think he has.  The next man I date I want to be my husband and I'm no where near ready to be married. So of course I want to be friends first. And that's all I want right now from this kid anyways..friendship...but I've already established liking to him so it would a friendship with a crush except maybe if I got to know him I might not like him anymore like that at least. I'm just praying for my mind to not be consumed or focused with where he is or what hes doing.  Or even the way I look..in case I see him Because I don't care what he thinks. Well I shouldn't. So we'll see. I want to write in my college journal right now but I need to write my STUPID ESSAY THAT I DON'T WANT TO WRITE. I probably should start it soon though...due Thursday! But I don't want to be up late on Wednesday stressing. I'd rather do that tonight.

I'm really into Katy Perry right now I love her.  "Not like the movies" is what im listening to and currently in like with. Okay bye