October 28, 2012

shes so cool

I wish I was cool. I look at Christina (my older sister) and think that she is just so cool and I want to be just like her. But I don't want to feel this way. I have bigger plans then to worry about stuff like that. God made me different and I need to believe and know that I am cool in his eyes and I don't have to be cool in anyone elses eyes. I just have to be seen as the Lords daughter.  Its just I look at her tumblr (http://satellliteheart.tumblr.com/) and everything is just so cool and she is so pretty and I feel like this every time I see her tumblr. I should stop looking at it if it makes me feel that way but sometimes I can't help it. I want my face to be clear and my belly to be flat and to feel pretty and cool like she is.  Im suppose to be studying for Psych and New Testament. I hope I get good grades on both my exams. Im shooting for an A!. Im also suppose to be worrying about this dang paper for my favorite english class so Im aiming for an A in that as well.  Anyways the point being, I want to feel cool but I don't want these feelings...wonderful.