February 17, 2010

Good times

This, right here, is prolly what I miss most about my past.
How close we all were. How we just automatically knew where our weekends would be spent & with who they'd be spent with. How we'd all take stupid pictures & videos. How they always just knew. I've managed to maintain a bestfriendship with the young lady in the middle, Jackie Kong & Aixa Correa! (who is not in the picture) but Kimberly & I well..were still bestfriends but we've drifted apart. Even Jackie would have to agree that its..not the same. I haven't spent time with Kim at all since the new year. We hardly even speak anymore :/ Its gotten to the point where I don't even know what she looks like now -__- Pretty sad, I know. Of course, our schedules have gotten in the way of our hanging out and what not but really, thats not excuse cause i'm sure we could find time. I've built some new bestfriendships over here at my school though & I love them to bits and pieces but I just really miss this..miss us. Is that really so bad? I think it's partly because we've all changed in some little way or another. Some good changes..& some not so good changes but thats who we are now & there's really nothing we can do (well change ourselves back but I highly doubt thats something we can just do.)
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