June 26, 2009


girls: don't let a silly little boy run your life. seriously?
have some more self respect..know that your stronger than that & your deserve way better than what you were prolly given.
its hard not to believe everything he said to you isnt true anymore..i know; but it happened & thats all that counts.
don't look back on what you had and cry because its gone, but smile at all the good times you did have & keep loving & living your life the way you deserve to.
if you want to call your ex 20 times a day when he clearly wants nothing to do with you, then thats how you know you need help.
you most likely won't listen to your friends..your gonna do what you wanna do. but just know your way better than that. to let him constantly be in your mind when the relationship is over. to let him not allow you to just be happy..
its not fair. to you, or even to him. he may have hurt you but you need to forgive him because once you do that, he no longer has control over you or your life. thats really the first step to moving on. & it just gets better from there.
its gonna be hard..like really hard. but its possible. you don't wannna be in this..rut for your whole life, do you?
everyone deserves to be happy :)

yeah, uhm i was on a roll, i guess ^^^^^^
hahah :P

i'm chillin' with my dad at his work..so blogg some more later!