June 24, 2009


what is it exactly? your conscience telling you that you've done something wrong..& to admit it? although it may not nessecarily be wrong, just the fact that you lied about doing what ever it is you did to your mom, your aunt, your bestfriend.

i don't regret it. i mean i would've gone through with it eventually, i just wish i gone about it more wisely!
i guess i'm just afraid of getting caught by my mother. i mean she trusts me so much.
this will definetly dissapoint her:/ i'll tell her..eventually. & yes i'm still a virgin!
but for now i'm living. & i'm not looking back. i did it& i'm proud of myself.
because, me! doing..that? yeah thats not hypocritical or odd *in sacastic voice*
but over the course of two weeks, i've learned alot about myself, & about what God has in store for me. all the struggles he puts me through is for a reason. its to open my eyes & forget about all my material things, & about what people think of me! its about what He thinks of me. what My God thinks of me; because thats all that really matters. i live and have been living my life for Him. yeah i mess up, i make mistakes but i don't consider what i did a mistake..God was guiding me towards that choice to help me realize all the ways i've been neglecting the people that should mean the most to me.
Thank you Father God,<3 & i'm sorry mom.