June 13, 2009


whoa, i haven't blogged ina while! sorry about that. here's the updates:
-i finished finasl
-schools out :D
-blank & i are over...i thinkk? *you should know who blank is btw* (well he never told me but i'm pretty sure it is)
well lets talk about boys. *sigh* when will they learn? its not fair to girls that they get to just pull the plug! well we do to, but not in some situations. at least have the balls to TELL us its over! haha don't just WAIT 'till we find out! have some common curtisy! This has yet to affect me because i believe i'm over it already..before it actually happened. like, i've been put in the same situation over and over again that i thinhk i'm just use to it so by the time is does happen (& it WILL happen *obviously*) that i'll be ready for it! ha well yeah. i'm fine, & fit as a fiddle(:
i'll always love him<3 & he's will remain one of my best friends!
OH YEAH; i'm kinda crushing on this one guy who's name i will not reveal..yet.

okk thanks for readin', i'm out<3