June 25, 2009


why do girls always read into things? do we feel that we might find some sign of good new or possibley bad new. the lyrics of songs on their profile or they favorite playlists cannot mean anything..right?
see, there i go reading into things. its just not..fair. to just walk in & out of my life so many times. your out now, & i think its for sure, but who knows..maybe you'll change your mind again.! but who's hoping for that!? :|
not me *sarcastic voice*

i could totally live without this, because i sure as heck deserve to but i don't want to let go yet. i keep thinking, there's still a chance..which in reality there might not be. what are you afraid of, if you are afriad of anything that is?
"maturity" isnt the problem..your afraid. of what? i have no clue..maybe its to fall harder..or to not fall at all then just walk away from it; again.
this may be old news but there are little things that you do to make me have faith or hope agian. i dunoo i'm done haha..
just needed to get that out !

adios; :)