November 06, 2012

Obama Vs. Romney

Today is the election and I'm old enough to vote now & im registered and everything! but I don't know anything about either guys. This stinks..the outcome of this election will directly affect my generation and I don't care if people say its not that big a deal or tell me to chill out because this IS a big deal. It determines the future of our nation. As did many other elections but in this economic state that were in, like....we need to step things up. Who knows what can happen to us. I haven't the slightest idea who is going to win this election. Perhaps Obama based on popular vote but I heard he didn't do so well. All I can do write now is pray for both candidates and that God allows His plan to fall into action.  That is enough.
Presidential Election 2012
Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney
This is history in the making & I am part of it.