November 05, 2012

Im so sad right now. The world sucks   and I'm sad because Mr. Hartman said "OXOXO" on Ravens wall. Its so silly to say but I feel like she has taken my place in his heart. Or filled a big place like she is better or cooler than me. I suck. I don't want to be in college anymore.  It makes me sad to see that because she gets to see him all the time its not fair. I feel like this attachment to him because he has done so much for me.  It just not fair.  I want him to talk to me. I feel like I always have to talk to him. Im just sad and this blogging crap doesn't make me feel any better. I just feel sucky and I have homework and studying so I feel screwed too. I want to go away from here and relax for a whole week and be a photojournalist. What if im not suppose to be an art therapist becasuse I suck at art? what am I suppose to do. (GIVE IT TO GOD) thats so hard right now for me idk why. I just am so sad.